The Importance of Gratitude And The Law of Attraction

We know that the law of attraction is simply what we constantly fill ourselves with in thoughts and visuals for the universe to pick up on to give to us.

Believers all around will tell you how they incorporate exercises and tools into their daily routines to strengthen this and put them on a firm path towards achieving their goals. What is taken lightly, however, is the gratitude towards the law of attraction and how it is just as necessary in the effectiveness of the process.

Gratitude is popularly said to be able to lift your vibration and synchronize it with the energy of your surroundings. The opposite of gratitude would be to complain and complaining lets your mind focus on problems whereas the Universe does not see it that way.

To put the above into perspective, when you are complaining, you are not on the same frequency with your environment and in fact are attracting even less. If you are grateful, you will attract even more with all that sanguinity.

The question in mind here is, will the Law of Attraction still work without gratitude? Of course it does. You still have connection with your visualization abilities and other self-boosting exercises to align yourself with the frequency of your desires. Unfortunately, gratitude is a vital step so the practice of Law of Attraction is less efficient without it. Compared to someone who is elevated through gratitude, the process is slower without it.

We have to understand that gratitude gives out one of the higher frequencies in our vibration abilities just like the feelings of joy, confidence and security. It can also attract more positive people into your life when you express humility through the feeling of thankfulness in your life. This is exactly why the manifestations of your dreams and goals will never truly be at its maximum without gratitude.

You can practice gratitude is by making lists of all the things you’re thankful for daily. Do enough to fill up a page and go over whenever you are feeling low. It will help you remember the good things in your life and sooner or later, you will see it outweighing all the bad. You can do this before you sleep or get creative whenever you have the time.

Another way to get creative is to make it a part of your vision tools or boards with images of your current blessings side by side with what you wish to achieve.  It will only create more positive energy and put in place your practice of the Law of Attraction daily.

Many of us, unfortunately, are very used to receiving hardships and feeling unappreciated. Wreckage in any portion of our lives be it financially, in relationships, education, health etc. makes it very hard for us to just be grateful out of thin air. We are constantly reminded of our shortcomings yet are still hopeful that the tables will turn, eventually.

In situations like the above, utilize everything you see to be thankful. Say ‘thank you’ every time you have a hot meal because for some it would be a privilege. Say ‘thank you’ for every shoulder you lean on because many are struggling alone. For even the smallest things in your life, a bed to sleep in or just the fact of being able to live to see another day, be grateful.

You will actually notice that you have many things to be thankful for outside of the obvious hindrance you feel every day. Gratitude will fuel you and help become stronger in the Law of Attraction to overcome your limitations over time.

Gratitude is your choice and your habit. Embedment of the habit is possible as we take that option every day. Doing so mindfully towards, conditions and resources will without a doubt help us appeal to better connections and consequences.