How To Develop And Use A Focus Wheel

Think of a merry-go-round at parks with children and how easy it is to get on when it has stopped or slowed down but impossible to get on when it is spinning at full momentum. That is what will help us understand a focus wheel.

The focus wheel is part of Abraham Hick’s teachings of the Law of Attraction and later interpreted by Esther Hicks.

The wheel is a circle split into 12 equal sides with a smaller inner circle that we use to enhance our positivity. The very center of the circle is the goal you are trying to achieve depicted in an example below :

It’s hard to ‘get on the wheel’ when it’s spinning too fast. The idea is to slow it down and transform your negativity from a bad day or a bottled up feeling to a more positive and empowered one. It shows you the better parts of you that were hidden before which indirectly lead to your negativity. In getting closer to your goals, it is important to reduce if not eliminate all damaging vibes around us that are unnoticeable to us on a daily basis.

The wheel can spin around any subject be it finances, self-image, relationships, parenting, you name it. All you need is a paper and pen or pencil. Alternatively, there are many apps available for smartphone users to use the focus wheel on the go. You may even work with many focus wheel templates available online like this one at

The first step is to decide what you want. Prior to this, you can list out what you don’t want for a clearer view. For example, ‘I don’t want to be insecure about my body’ or ‘I don’t want to be unemployed anymore’. In doing so, now you know what you want such as ‘I want to be confident about my body’ or ‘I want to be hired’. Write your positive statement briefly in the middle of the wheel and it should read something like ‘Confident and Healthy’ or ‘Capable & Qualified’.

The next step is to finally get on the wheel. Find a statement that is true to you and matches the middle of your circle. Fill this in the first section of your wheel. It is perfectly normal to be hesitant or unsure especially starting out with your statement but if it makes you feel good, write it down. If not, keep looking and don’t worry about speed. You can try sentences like, ‘My best feature is my hair’ or ‘I am a good speaker around my friends.’

Try to not break your focus or pause, just keep going. If you’re having a writer’s block about yourself, start reading your statements aloud from the first to last to increase the momentum. It is said the Law of Attraction will harp on that momentum and help you produce more.

When you’re done, you can notice the difference towards how you first felt and how you’re feeling after. There is, if not so great, a sense at all of feeling uplifted. You can be assured that you will have taken yourself by surprise at all the positive things about yourself when it’s put together right in front of you. There is no limit to how many focus wheels you can do and you will find yourself improving with each one.

The point of the focus wheel, according to Hicks, was to be in a vortex which means to be aligned with the energy of your desires. It helps you work through your emotions about whatever it is you are trying to manifest. To those that have a hard time visualizing and manifesting a deeper desire, you will be able to connect with it through the very use of a focus wheel.

Putting your statements together is like you are putting energy together to change your frequency in order to match the one of your ultimate goal. In other words, feeling the success of the focus wheel is actually you shifting your relationship with your vortex by releasing all past resistance that was bringing you down.

It’s amazing how much of shift you can experience within minutes of trying and is worth a try to improve bits and qualities of your life, one focus wheel at a time.