If You Can See It, It Will Happen

The Law of Attraction, if simply put, is ‘a like for a like.’ This concept on how our thinking, or rather spiritual being,  can result in the universe giving us our heart’s desires have stemmed far before the New Age.

Now I reckon when anyone hears about this their first thoughts are, how? Where can I get tools or resources to attract more riches? Is it a lot of work?

Many sources will tell you there are various methods in manifesting our dreams and here, we summarize a few visualization tools that you can begin with.


Vision Boards

The most popular modern day tool in the Law of Attraction is a vision board. A poster board filled with visuals of your goals and dreams is exactly what you need for continuous growth. Plant some pictures, articles and reminders on it and it will only bloom from then on, with your thoughts watering on it daily.

You can also get software that does something similar and is much easier to change as your goals and dreams shift. The best one out currently is called Mind Movies software.

Anik Singal, Editor of Early to Rise (2017), in fact said that he didn’t fancy limiting it to a board in a corner of the room so why not a whole vision wall?

Either way, get creative and get as detailed as you like. Understand that with a physical form of visualization right near you, your energy is focused and you will never lose your drive



Meditation is your time alone with the universe and in this case, time to have conversations about your wishes. Spare 10 to 15 minutes daily to picture your goal.

From someone who has been practicing this for the past 5 years, Milan Amin says that he uses this time to make believe that he has achieved his goals set out and what they look like after. For if we find it hard to already imagine it, then realizing it will not be chickenfeed.


Positive Affirmations

Positivity attracts positivity and such affirmations will help you do exactly this throughout your days. If you keep telling yourself ‘I am an asset to my company. I am skilled and strong both mentally and physically…’ then your mind is tuned to help you achieve this when working.

By giving yourself a boost and some steady empowerment, before you know it, you are believing more and more in achieving your visualizations thus only making it stronger.

It’s simple yet effective and it keeps your imagination firm towards your goal. Encompass some ‘pep talk’ in your routine and you will lean towards a healthier relationship with your matter in focus.


Written Gratitude

Gina Sandef, author of “Truth Works, Divine Life Lessons for Kids of All Ages” says that giving thanks is a vibrant form of energy and in doing so, we only increase its effervescence. A gratitude jar is one of the ways we can write down and store what we’re grateful for on a daily basis or as often as we can.

The plain reason here is many will find it difficult to continuously focus and visualize their goals, but being thankful gives us peace of mind and if this is not the best kind of canvas to work with then I don’t know what is.

On a small piece of paper, note down your gratitude for a moment of the day and when the jar gets full, you should review it all and then repeat the process with a new jar.

A direct promotion of Law of Attraction is within this practice as you acknowledge and become conscious of what the universe is offering you. In return, both your incoming and outgoing energy is lifted.

There are countless other tools available through research and I believe, ways that we can make them work for us. The Law of Attraction is known to improve over time through a streak of unbroken practice in visualization. All we have to do is start.

Dr Wayne Dyer, a renowned author and speaker of self-development, in 1998 had given his take on the Law of Attraction through two powerful expressions below.

“Within you is a divine ability to manifest and attract all that you need or desire.”

“As you think, so you shall become.”